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    How to wear a knitted hat, different styles, different moods

    • Author:claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-01-09
    The reason why the knit hat is loved by the fashionistas, in addition to its unique texture and soft texture, the versatile personality, as well as its infinite matching possibilities, and the knit hats have different wearing methods because of different styles. Look at how to wear a knit hat.
    How to wear a knitted hat
    The wearing method of the knit cap mainly depends on its style, different styles can change different patterns, and the color and the choice of matching can also bring a different visual feeling to the same top knit hat.
    Basic knit hat
    The most classic knit hat style, without any extra details, is enough in the way of wearing the law. If you want to keep warm, you can wrap your forehead firmly. If you like sweet visual experience, you will have a little knit cap. Move back some of the head to reveal Liu Haier.

    Tower knit hat
    Compared with the basic beret, it has a higher style. It is similar in appearance to the tower and is more visually impactful. The tower-type knit cap can be worn not only directly, but also with exaggerated goggles and sunglasses. , ski goggles, etc., create a strong sporting style.
    Wool knit hat
    Adding a fluffy big hair ball to the basic knit hat, the cute index can be multiplied, and the hair ball has a more winter atmosphere. In the wearing method, there is almost no requirement with the basic model, but in the matching of the clothes, you can choose a sweeter and gentler style to create a sweet and pretty winter atmosphere.
    Knit beret
    The knit material beret, which is different from the texture of the woolen, is full of rich British style and softer. In the wearing method, it can also be rotated by 360 degrees like a beret. Of course, if it is a style with a brim, it is not recommended to put the brim backwards, because the wearing method is more suitable for a baseball cap.