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    Guide to Different Types Of Hat Styles You Need To Know

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-04-16
    It’s hard to believe, but over a half-century ago, hats were seen as a necessity rather than just an accessory in the average American’s summer wardrobe. Baseball caps not withstanding, hats are poised to make a comeback because of that added dimension of sun protection that goes where sunscreen alone can’t always cover.

    Origins of Hats
    Though the exact origin of hats remains unknown, ancient artifacts show that hats were worn as early as 3200 B.C. In fact, one tomb painting in Thebes, Egypt clearly depicts a man wearing a conical straw hat. Ancient Egyptians commonly shaved their heads and wore headdresses intended to keep them cool and sunburn free (yes, even the Ancient Egyptians knew the pain of the nasty sunburn).

    Whether they be for ceremonial, professional, social status marking, or even just an expression of fashion, hats are an accessory that has been worn by both men and women throughout the world and has recently made a large comeback.

    Whilst we won’t quite give a comprehensive history of all hats in this guide (there are so many worn throughout history that will probably never be reintroduced into the world of fashion), our goal is to educate you on the various different hat types, their materials, and uses so that you can not only recognize them in street fashion but also make educated choices as to what hat may work for you when it comes time for you to buy one.

    We will start our guide by introducing the different hat types based on the categories they would be commonly associated with.

    Sport/Outdoor Activity Hats
    Those who play or participate in outdoor sports know how brutal the sun can be and distracting from the game. Thus, when a helmet is not worn, it is common for athletes and participants to protect their eyes/face from the sun by wearing a hat.

    As such, there are many hats that are specifically designed with broad brims for extensive sun and cold exposure.
    Baseball Hats- Unisex, Generally made from Soft Cotton Material
    Probably the most widely used hat worldwide and adapted by multiple professions as a part of their uniform, the New York Knickerbockers first wore the baseball hat on April 24th, 1849. Although they were originally made of straw, they quickly were adapted to be made from soft cotton, with a rounded crown and stiff bill. Part of the traditional baseball uniform to this day, these hats are also worn officially by the US Navy, Coast Guard, in many Police forces, and across the world, as they are commonly replacing traditional formal headdresses/helmets in situations where they would be found to be excessive and too heavy for use. In fact, the Finnish police use baseball caps as an official identification device and disallow civilians from wearing them so they are not to be mistaken for police.

    Both women and men wear baseball hats, whether they are attending a sports event, running some errands, or even going for a run. They are widely worn and very versatile.

    Bucket Hat- Unisex, Generally made from Nylon, Cotton, or Polyester Material
    Made popular and mainstream by their use in the US Military during the Vietnam war but originally known as an Irish Walking hat, bucket hats have a downward sloping brim and offer sun protection as well as rain protection and are very popular with farmers and fisherman. Featured in much of mainstream media, Gilligan Island fans will recognize this classic style as well as those that have watched LL Cool J’s famous “ Going Back to Cali” music video. Most recently, Rihanna featured this style in her “Work” music video. This hat's diverse fan base and timeless appeal cement it as a functional and stylish option.

    Fishing/Water Sport Hat- Unisex, Generally made from Nylon and Polyester Material
    When it comes to water activities, it is very important to wear a hat that provides great sun protection (in fact, water reflects and amplifies sunlight), as well as in a material that won’t be destroyed by water and salt (no straw or paper allowed here). Most fishermen and boaters prefer hats that come in polyester and nylon, something that easily dries off and won’t lose its shape. Brim width is extremely important. Fashion isn’t so important here, the broader brim the better! Historically, fishermen have worn bucket hats and even baseball hats on the water. More recently as sun protection education has spread, nylon-based extremely wide-brimmed hats have become more popular as they are more sun protective.

    Garden Hat-Unisex, Generally made from straw Material
    Who wants the sun beating against their face or neck when planting or pruning trees and flowers? The ever so popular garden hat addresses those that want a lightweight and sun-protective hat to keep them shaded while working outdoors. Brim widths vary, but commonly garden hats are made from straw to allow for air circulation (keeping the head cool) and have an adjustable chinstrap so as to not fall off during activities or wind.

    Visor Hats- Unisex, Generally made from Cotton or Polyester Material
    Though originally designed for use in sports, the sports visor is now commonly seen at beaches and sports events for those who want to shield their eyes and face from the sun. A visor is a crownless hat that simply consists of a visor or brim with a strap that encircles the head. They facilitate fast heat loss from the top of the head, which is necessary for high cardio sports such as tennis, but the drawback is they do not provide sun protection for the crown if the wearer needs that. An adjustable Velcro fastener in the back commonly secures them.