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    Black beret collocation for slightly mature lady--Elegant and pretty

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2015-01-17

    Black beret collocation for slightly mature lady--Elegant and pretty

      Core tip: How to dress with the black beret? A black beret with simple style can increase the sense of winter clothing collocation fashion and administration level. Today, let’s see the five samples of black beret collocation which is suitable for slightly mature lady. They can show your elegant temperament, and also the fashion style of this year.


      Even the dark winter clothing collocation, still can give people a kind of sweet elegance. Stripe is one of the fashion elements of this winter, with a black and white stripes coat as inner clothing, brief paragraph coat, a skirt and gray with elegant style, plus a black beret hat as an ornament, to increase a sense of nifty. Black stockings and short boots is the favorite in the winter, permit the slender and straight legs show off themselves. Such collocation is very suitable for slightly mature lady, whether at work or at school, will surely help to show their own unique characteristic.

      White coat with a handsome black miniskirt can cultivate one's morality; and black stockings and boots, can maintain the elegant and classical black and white match also do not break sweet collocation. A black beret hat with the ornament of flowers, increase the stereo feeling, also coupled with a handsome short hair, makes the personality style of rocks of  slightly mature lady. And the hand with the blue bag improve brightness of the overall modeling, color also show the tide of popular item this year. It's a suitable dress up as an office lady.