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    About Beanies You Need To Know

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-09-18
    As everyone knows, Beanies started gaining huge popularity in the United States first with laborers and others who work under harsh weather conditions wearing them to keep their heads warm during cold weathers. These cute head wears have evolved over time into one of the most popular hats for both men, women, and kids.

    In this post, we will look into styles of beanies, How they got the name beanies. History of the Beanie.

    Styles of Beanies
    Cute girls with beanie During the first half of the 20th century, one very popular style of beanie was in the form of a skullcap, which was made of 4-6 felt panels joined together to form the hat. The panels usually comprised of at least 2 different colors for that distinctive novel look that makes them unique. This beanie was very popular among some fraternities and colleges, these colleges and fraternities often made use of a variety of school colors in the different panels that made up the cap.

    There are all types of beanies, with patterns and features for every personality. The classics include:
    1. Cuffed beanies, a current and trendy cold weather choice, these beanies are distinct in the thick rim that allows adjustment as well as firm fitting wear.
    2. High topped beanies, an often-cuffed beanie with large air pocket above the crown, these have become a trendy and relaxed option that continues to grow in popularity
    3. Earflap beanie is best in extreme weather with high wind, these choices prevent air from entering the ear canal for improved winter health.

    Modern twists on these styles have developed:
    Slouchy beanies are popular amongst most, from celebrities to surfers, and are one of the best choices for variable weather since they work in both hot and cold environments. (check our post, slouchy beanies for women and slouchy beanies for men)
    Hipster beanies trend in lockstep with the growing hipster culture that promotes an ethical and relaxed lifestyle.

    Even more, developments have fostered the creation of new, innovative beanies that showcase modern technological advancements:
    Bluetooth beanies are popular, the high-tech choice for those who are constantly on the go.
    Safety conscious consumers have made popular flashlight beanies that have broad applications in day to day life.
    These, in addition to the countless permutations of fabric, features like tassels and bows, as well as different patterns and colors, allow there to be a beanie hat to fit even the most unique of situations.

    How they got the name beanies?
    You may be wondering why are beanies called beanies? Beanies come with a cloth-covered button on their crown which is often about the size of a normal bean seed. Most people believe this was where the name beanie originated from. However, some academics are of the belief that the term beanie comes from some categories of headgears worn by students in most medieval universities. The Oxford dictionary, however, believes the origin of the term, “beanie” is not certain, but could probably have come from the term, “bean”, which means head.

    This shows the origin of the term beanie for these style of hats is not really known as there are several claims to what the real origin might have been.

    History of the Beanie
    The beanie, which is a popular type of the skullcap has always been popular among blue-collar laborers as working apparel. Workers who often used this type of working cap include mechanics, welders, and some other tradesmen who wanted to ensure they maintained the blackness of their hair but felt a brim would have been an obstruction. Most beanies often come with a very small brim, somewhere around the front of the brow. This type of beanie was where the baseball caps evolved from, with a visor to keep away the hot sun.

    Somewhere around the middle of the 40s, cotton visored caps became more popular than the beanies. However, around the 50s, and beyond, college freshmen and some fresh fraternity initiates began to wear these beanies as some kind of mild hazing. For instance, Lehigh University mandated freshmen to put of these beanies. Several other colleges like Gettysburg, Franklin & Marshall, Westminster College, and Rutgers and some others were believed to have had similar practices. The Benedictine College in Kansas has upheld this tradition up to today, while the Wilson College has continued this tradition as a part of their Even/Odd class year competition.

    Today, the beanie hat comes in different styles for both men and women, colors, designs and sizes to meet your need for a head warmer and fashion preferences. Anyone can now wear these beanies irrespective of where they live, what they do, and what time of the year it is. However, these beanies are still known to be of the most reliable winter hats to keep you warm on the coldest days all through the year. So, whether you need a beanie to keep you covered and warm or one that can complement your dressing, there is always a beanie for you if you know where to shop. Now contact aungcrown to know more informations for beanies.