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    Baseball cap with nine head beautiful woman interpretation of modern tide woman

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-09-22 21:04:54
    South Korean actress Kong Hyo Jin recently filmed a group of fashion writing, not only a variety of leisure spring, also a baseball cap (3d embroidery cap manufacturer china) collocation appearance, very modern fashionista breath, let's look at the picture she collocation baseball cap, I believe you will love this style!

    LOOK 1
    Blue and white stitching long sleeved shirt, a black and white vertical stripes collocation suspender skirt, let Kong Hyo Jin very sense of vitality, wearing a baseball cap (embroidery snapback hats  manufacturer china) must be white, so she immediately became more youthful, and let the whole body shape is very simple and neat, giving the eyes fresh feeling.

    LOOK 2
    A black long sleeved shirt, a white stripe mosaic, clothes look more fresh and seductive, wearing a short jeans, showing her proud long legs, and a baseball cap hat collocation, lovely star patterns, let the whole body shape very youthful charm at the same time fan, suction eye.

    LOOK 3
    Black and white color collocation hollow white short sleeved T-shirt nine pants, very casual dress, on a pair of shoes, but there are classical collocation, let spring she looks very simple and elegant, wearing a black baseball cap (promotion baseball cap china), beautiful, I believe that many students love.

    LOOK 4
    Red plaid shirt collocation, a simple white skirt, a little girl's taste, then a wave collocation point baseball cap, is not only very popular spring dress, but also sweet by age, small amount of cute girls full of temperament.