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    How should baseball caps be cared for?

    "How to wash baseball caps," how to clean baseball caps, how to wash them without distortion.
    How does a baseball cap wash and not deform? 

    Baseball hats can not be used when the water is too hot to use, usually think that the use of good temperature water will wash the hat clean, but in fact, the temperature is too high water will make the baseball cap shape, so in the wash baseball cap with warm. 

    Can the baseball bat be washed by machine? A baseball cap is not suitable for machine washing, because the cap body of a baseball cap is fixed, and if it is washed in a washing machine it shape very badly.
    When we use hand washing, we can remember that the toothbrush is lightly scrubbed in the cap body, the use of toothbrush can make the hat more clean, and the soft and hard of the toothbrush hair does not cause damage to the hat. 

    How to maintain baseball hats? Since the baseball cap has its own shape, it is used to fix the material at the beginning of the hat production, so when you're not wearing a baseball cap, you can put it in a box that fits the size of the hat, the same as the wool cap, and keep your hat in a dry place so that it doesn't get wet and damage the hat. At the same time, in order to make the effect more obvious, you can put the hat in a plastic bag and make it more effective maintenance.